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2018 - Piano News

2018 has arrived! 2017 was a great year for Fox Music Instruction. We had a spring workshop in March, a spring recital in May, a fall workshop in November, and a Christmas recital in December! We had performance competitions, students learned duets, we played piano games, and most importantly, they grew as musicians while having fun! A new year is always a good time for reflection. As we’ve thought about 2017 and what worked well and what didn’t, I compiled a list of reminders for families.

If you arrive early, please respect our family time and wait outside until your student’s lesson time. I frequently feed the baby right before a student comes so that she’s content during the lesson.

Siblings are absolutely welcome to accompany mom or dad, but they must be calm and well behaved, and under the parent’s supervision at all times. I usually try to put crayons and paper out, but parents should bring entertainment for the kids. (I remember accompanying my mom to my brother’s piano lessons as a kid. It was boring.) Ben Burton Park and Bishop Park are nearby, so if you don’t feel like trying to keep the little ones quiet and calm in our house, you can pop over and let them run out some energy. Out of respect for our neighbors, we don’t permit siblings to play outside in our yard. 

We are very flexible about rescheduling. Any reason that would acceptable for missing school or work is okay in our book! Acceptable reasons are things like illness, family vacations, inclement weather, jury duty, and any unforeseen issues that would prevent you from making it to lessons. Give us 24 hours notice and we will find a time to make up the lesson. If that’s not possible (sick kids, sudden schedule change), we may be able to accommodate a schedule change, but it’s not guaranteed.  As our studio grows, we’re unfortunately no longer able to accommodate reschedule requests due to reasons of convenience. I hate to tighten up on this, but bear in mind that most teachers do not offer make up lessons for any reason, AND we rescheduled somewhere between 20 and 30 lessons in the month of January. That’s a lot for a new momma to mentally keep up with, y’all!

If you must miss a lesson and would like a make up lesson, it’s your responsibility to call and ask to reschedule. I will likely be able to make that happen, but I will no longer initiate that scheduling. Make up lessons must happen within a month of the missed lesson, and there is not a bank of stored up make up lessons. If you miss a lesson due to illness, you have one month from that day to do a make up lesson. If you subsequently miss the next lesson due to a schedule conflict, you still only have one makeup lesson available.

And finally, on a more exciting note - our Popcorn Party is scheduled for March! Students must earn 100 Piano Points to attend. If you’ve lost your copy of the goals, I attached the document to the most recent email. We also have a Spring Recital coming up in May! 

Looking forward to a great year!

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