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Popcorn Party



Understanding how kids “tick” is part of what makes our studio unique. Anybody can assign scales and songs and theory pages. We aspire to inspire. When piano becomes a chore, it’s time to shake things up. Currently, our piano students are completing fun challenges in order to earn enough points to attend our spring Popcorn Party! If they can earn at least 100 points through these various tasks, they will be presented with one Piano Popcorn Ticket.

Their goals?

  • Play a chosen song on as many different pianos/keyboards as possible. 5 points per piano. (A parent must keep a list.)
  • Compose a song. 10-20 points per song depending on complexity and length.
  • Play a chosen song for as many people as possible. 1 point per person. (A parent must keep a list.)
  • Get at least 3 songs checked off in lesson. 10 points per week.
  • Memorize a song. 10 points per song.

Parents can get in on the action as well! If your child has benefited from instruction in our studio, and you think others would benefit from hearing about us, we’d love your help in spreading the word! For every action that you do to help others find out about Fox Music Instruction, you gain your child 5 points toward the party. We so appreciate our piano families!

  • Leave us a review on our Facebook page
  • “Check in” at Fox Music Instruction on Facebook
  • Leave a comment on one of our blog posts at
  • Leave a review of Fox Music Instruction on Google
  • Take and share pictures of your child in lesson or at the Christmas recital on social media for your friends and family! 


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