Piano Lessons


My name is Macy Fox. I’ve been teaching piano to enthusiastic (and some initially less than enthusiastic!) piano students for 8 years. 

I use method books, but I don’t stop there.

Method books are a tried and true way to guarantee that your student is getting a comprehensive musical education, but they’re not tailored to the student. I believe that there are no standardized students. Every child has different strengths and weaknesses, different personalities, different learning styles, and they’re all equally deserving of instruction that meets their needs.

I strive to make lessons so much fun that kids are begging to come, sad when they leave, but are eager to get home and practice. I’ve seen kids who don’t know why they’re in my studio go from “bored and bewildered”, to taking charge of their practice at home, and asking for more responsibility.

Included in our monthly tuition are some exciting opportunities for your student to make friends at our workshops and experience great success on stage performing in our recitals.

This sounds Perfect!

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